What if money didn’t matter

It’s not often that i’ll post a video but this one makes you think about a world where money didn’t matter, one where you spent your life doing things you really want to do. I’ve posted this mainly due to it being the start of a new year and those unhappy with their job may need a little kick to realise that you only live once and sometimes you need to take a step back from routine and think about what you are doing and if it is making you happy.

Many people make hard decisions everyday and one thing that an entrepreneur has to make is the initial decision to become one, many people think that working for your self is easy, you have no boss, you work when you want and earn loads of money but those who have actually taken the plunge to self employment realise that not having a boss although it has many benefits the lack of set salary coming in, the stress and self motivation that occurs with self employment can often be a massive challenge.

Whatever you do as the video says make sure it’s making you happy, you don’t want to look back on your life in 20 years and realise you weren’t happy.


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