Welcome to Expertly

Welcome to Expertly

About Expertly

Welcome to Expertly.co.uk, the blog dedicated to everything that interests me that I hope will interest you too, this includes marketing, startups, tech, seo and more.

Who is behind Expertly?

Max Bramwell is the face behind the website, having run websites since the age of 15 he has a massive range of websites in various areas online from fashion to tech to odd sites about lava lamps and many more. Now i’ll switch from talking about myself in the third person and start talking normally, I’m a 23 year old living in Sheffield, UK the home of steel, the world’s first football team (not Sheffield Wednesday or United but Sheffield F.C) and I live a few minutes from the beautiful Peak District.

I have a keen interest in startups as i’m currently in the process of starting a startup (more will be explained about this in future posts) I also have always had a keen interest in the internet as a whole, from the capabilities it has for business to the fun it create from watching funny videos of people failing to seeing awesome technology in action.

What do you hope to achieve from this blog?

The main aim for this blog is to share information with the world that I find/come across which you may not find otherwise  this can be from me sharing blog posts from others to unique bits of information I’ve learnt from doing my own SEO to interviews with successful online business people to new startups and much more.

Have you blogged before?

Yes, I blogged from the domain AffiliateStudent.co.uk while I was running affiliate websites while being a student at the University of Manchester, however as I graduated several years ago (how time fly’s!) and my business has moved from solely affiliate marketing to ecommerce and startups in different areas a domain change and redesign was needed.

Why the domain Expertly.co.uk?

Well hopefully the information i’ll be sharing with you will be the best of the best, however I know this won’t always be the case but it’ll be the best I come across. Expertly was a domain I was offered when seeking a domain for the blog and it’s one that I liked so I bought it.

Overall I hope you enjoy the blog, I hope to maybe teach you some things you may not know as I’ve found over the years it’s often blogs and talking to others that help you learn the most. (A special thanks for Frank Paul from 34.co.uk for the help over the years)


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