Startup trends for 2013

Startup trends for 2013

Startup Trends for 2013

As i’m looking to launch a startup myself in 2013 it’s always interesting to look into areas which have grown and have massive potential for growth this year. The growth in the market for apps is huge and one that is only going in one direction and that is up, increased competition in the mobile and tablet market from products such as the Kindle HD, Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S3 and other products have meant that access to technology, apps and mobile is an area which is more than likely to see the biggest trend in 2013.

The main areas that seem to have a lot of potential with big venture capital companies investing in are:

1. Content-led sites/apps

Content is King‘Content is King’ is a well known phrase for webmasters where they wish to create great content in order to rank well via Google but there has been an increase in sites that don’t really on search engines for traffic, sites such as BuzzFeed and Pinterest have seen massive growth in traffic, users and revenue and this is surely an area with more potential for startups to exploit.

Many companies are now seeking to promote and market products via sponsoring content on these types of sites as an alternative to traditional online marketing.

2. Instant Service Delivery

If you want to buy something now you’ll often search for the item, find some prices and maybe look at some daily deals

hail a cab

There is a huge potential for startups entering the instant service market including companies which are set to boom in markets such as instant taxi ordering apps including Ubercab and Halo. sites to see if there are any offers on it. Now this is fine method but the future see’s potential customers being given deals and offers on demand via instant service apps. Imagine walking into a shop and getting a message with a discount code exclusive to you as the shop knows you’re a loyal customer?

3. The Cloud

The Cloud

The ‘Cloud’ is another growing market with hundreds of startups all trying to get a piece of the pie, from companies which are well established such as Dropbox to Apple’s iCloud offering meaning you can store data in the cloud and retrieve it whenever you wish the market has plenty of opportunities in it.

4. Payments

Square PaymentsThe idea of sending payments easily and quickly from one person to their friend isn’t particularly a new idea but it’s one that is getting big traction this year, companies such as Square are already disrupting the marketplace offering anyone the ability to accept credit or debit card payments with a simple free iPhone plugin device. It’ll be interesting to see how a marketplace dominated by several big companies will diversify and respond to payment startups this year.

With many phones having NFC (wiki)  inbuilt in them allowing you to touch other phones to transfer data or to pay for things in certain shops there is a big market that is ready to explode.

5. Sync’ing with others

Now most people are used to syncing up tech they already own be it simply synching your itunes to your iPod or maybe synching your emails so they work across your laptop, tablet, phone and work computer however very few people currently use services that offer synchronisation with other people, this area has huge potential to sync things you do on your phone to specific groups of friends, syncing personal and private matters with a close group of family there are various uses that this kind of technology and process can be useful to. Some companies such as Path are already into this area but 2013 will bring a new wave of startups to the market.

These are just 5 of the predictions which I currently have read and have in my head, needless to say there are hundreds more areas which are bound to see massive growth this year however these are a few that excite me from a personal as well as business level. Bring on 2013 I say.

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