Awesome Examples of CV’s

Awesome Examples of CV’s

If you haven’t seen at least one of the following job CV’s then you’re probably not on Twitter or Facebook as they have often gone viral extremely fast and as such are Tweeted and posted all over the web.

The latest in the line of CV’s which stand out is one by a Philppe Dubost who has made one unique resume based entirely on an Amazon product page, great idea as Amazon product pages are universally instantly recognisable. I’m not going to lie when I first clicked a link on someone’s Twitter I thought I’d just been sent to Amazon and a product, I had to double take before I realised what it was and how damn clever it was. You can view the whole page here.

Amazon CV

The resulting page has become a viral sensation and has been featured on thousands of sites and at a guess hundreds of thousands if not millions of people’s social profiles. The unique look of this makes it stand out of the crowd like no other.

Another great CV was one done on the domain name in which an unemployed graduate spent his last £500 on advertising it on a billboard, this result was press coverage across the UK and the rest of the world.

Employ Adam

These types of CV’s and resumes stand out from the crowd and give you a massive advantage over your standard PDF or word document you may email or post to an employee. 

ipad resumeAnother person who was a designer decided that times had changed and paper or email was out of touch so he designed an iPad app with his CV on it. Available to download here on the App store (over 2,500 downloads to date!)

Twitter CV

Another person redesigned a Twitter page to that it looked and acted as a CV.

I must confess that I personally in early 2013 decided to play around with my CV and decided that I may apply for a role at Google, now I thought what better way to get my CV noticed than by making it look like a Google search.

Google CV

I’ve purposively blurred out some of the info on my CV below, I’m definitely no Photoshop master but with bit of time I managed to knock it up, I never used it nor plan to, it was more of a fun little experiment to see if I could make it look half decent.


At the end of the day if you want people to take notice then doing something a bit differently can often mean you will get noticed, I think nowadays in creative industries or jobs that require creativity such as PR, marketing etc it’s quite essential to stand out of the crowd as this something they expect from you in the job role.

Spotted any more CV’s that stand out? Post them in the comments.


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  1. Amazon profile and Billboard are just sheer pieces of creativity…Your adaptation of Google search is not bad either..Good luck with Job hunting..

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