18 Attention Grabbing and Funny Pub Signs

18 Attention Grabbing and Funny Pub Signs

Here’s a collection of 19 attention grabbing and funny pub signs for you to look at on a Monday morning, now although you can simply look at these as funny signs it’s interesting to think if you walked past this it may make you take notice of a sign you may normally not notice, it may also put a smile onto your face something you may then in the future associate with the place that showed the signs.

These are essentially traditional types of marketing with a Guerrilla marketing side to them of which i’ll be doing some more posts on in the next few days as it’s an area that interests me a lot.

[quote]Guerrilla marketing is a form of advertising which uses unconventional methods which are often low in cost and very imaginative.[/quote]

1. 24 hours in the day

24 Beers in a case








2. Soup of the Day
Soup of the day










3. Will the waitresses flirt?

Waitresses Flirt












4. Bring your own women

Bring your own women








5. Are you drink enough?

Too Drunk?











6. Free Beer!

Another Free Beer











7. Phone Answering Service

Phone Answering Service








8. Very Cold Beer

Cold as your ex girlfriend











9. No drunk texting.

No Texting at 2am









10. Husband Creche

Husband Creche








11. Pub signs in Heathrow, we like that there is only two ways to go both to the pub.

Pub sign







12. Shirt Service

Shirt Service








13. False Advertising

False Advertising







14. Another husband daycare

Husband Daycare








15. Tonight’s Special

Tonights Special











16. Some more free beer

Free Beer











17. Customers wanted

Customers Wanted







18. Keep the pub clean

Closed Signs










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  1. This is hilarious!

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