13,000 Visitors to 800 in a month

13,000 Visitors to 800 in a month

This is just a quick post to tell you all one thing ‘Google is one scary beast’

What do I mean by that I hear you ask, well it’s simple really if you have a web business that relies on Google for the majority of your traffic then they are your boss, you shouldn’t really even claim to be self employed if this is the case as if Google (your boss) decides for whatever reason it doesn’t like you then it can potentially sack you (hit your site, deindex it, slap it etc) and this can ultimately mean your traffic goes, your income disappears and it’s pretty much like being unemployed.

Take for example a site I own, this is a .co.uk site, has been around for quite a few years and it always sat in position 1 for it’s main keyword which brought 97% of traffic to the site. As you can see in November last year it received 13,120 unique visitors, this is around 440 people coming to the site every day, around a month later the site dropped from this position, in fact it dropped from #1 to around #50 + (page 5 onwards) This mean as you’ll see in January the site got 815 uniques (27 people a day).

StatsNow this is a vast difference and I bet your thinking either dodgy link building, Algorithm update or something and I can say for sure that no link building was done so it cannot have been that, it could have been an Algorithm change but the site has now (mid-march) popped right back to #1 and is now getting the same kind of stats as it did before.

Luckily for me this website is a site that makes very little money for me so this drop didn’t affect me but the thought if this was my sole major website and the same happened is beyond scary.

So for those relying solely on Google for all your traffic/income, please read this and think what if this happened to me!


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  1. I have seen the same thing, so i feel your pain. My Google Adsense revenues have dropped dramatically as a result so Google must be shooting themselves in the foot with this as well? I hope so.

    It’s dangerous to reply on the big G these days, use FB, Twitter, LI, etc. as backup or even Plan A!


  2. Hi Max

    I feel your pain as do millions of others around the world, it’s the wake up call we all needed. For so long the old hands preached “don’t rely on Google” but did we listen?

    It was too easy to buy a cheap “EMD” chuck up some drivel then let the commissions roll in, even crappy sites earned money so we just built more crappy sites.

    Fast forward to today and the net is better for it, Google is still full of crap sites who have learned to game the algorithm but who cares “I certainly don’t”.

    Your promotion strategy shouldn’t include Google unless it’s the G+, social is where it’s at and not just FB or Twitter but all social networks. Word of mouth is what great business is built on and social networks are just a modern word of mouth tool waiting to be embraced.

    I’m glad the site that lost traffic wasn’t an earner so it didn’t hurt too much but look on the bright side; we learn to get better or go out of business so all’s not lost.

    All the best


  3. Hi Rob,

    It’s crazy how this continuously happens to affiliates in the industry, across the board. I regularly talk to our affiliates and discuss how we can ‘pick up the numbers’, etc, but , the majority of the time they’ve been slapped in the face by Google and just simply aren’t getting the levels of traffic they were used to, through no fault of their own it seems.

    I’ve heard a lot about the ‘build & burn strategy’ where affiliates buy hundreds of URLs, backlinks and unique content just to increase their site rank quickly to make a quick buck for 3 months before they get spotted by Google, and then move onto the next project. But with many affiliates now trying to build their brand and get genuine users, it’s sad to see that these types of sites are bearing the real brunt of Google’s policies.

    All the best and keep the posts coming,

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